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1 Enter or select search term

2Select search operator

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3Click search button

Search Tips

Advanced search allows you to select the boolean search operator to be used in your query: “And”, “Or” or “Exact Match”. The last five search terms from your current session will be saved.

To perform an advanced search:
  • Enter a new search term or select a previously entered search term, e.g., “Time Use”
  • Select search operator
    • “And” – Narrows the search to include data containing all keywords, e.g., “Time” and “Use”
    • “Or” – Broadens the search to include data containing any keywords, e.g., “Time” or “Use”.
    • “Exact Match” – Narrows the search to include data containing the exact search term, e.g., “Time Use”
  • Click search button

Search results explained
Search results show all series that match your query, as well as the number of studies within each series that contained the search term. If you can’t find the term you were searching for among the returned results, click on the “Expand All” link to reveal studies and variables that match your query.

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